Forklift Buying Tips

Do you intend to purchase a forklift? Most people experience challenges when buying forklifts. It is especially so since they cannot differentiate between the various forklift models. So, what should you consider when purchasing a forklift? Below are some insights. 

Type Of Forklift

Several factors come into play when choosing a forklift. First, you must examine your needs. For instance, what do you intend to lift? There are numerous types of forklifts, each with unique specifications. For example, counterbalance forklifts have a small turning radius which makes them ideal for tight spaces. Rough terrain forklifts work on uneven terrain. These forklifts are best suited for construction sites with rocky and muddy terrain. Telehandlers are a mix between forklifts and cranes. They have an extendable boom that hoists items to extended heights. Order-picking forklifts are used in warehouses. Unlike standard forklifts, they hoist the operator to enable them to pick items stacked on warehouse shelves. 

What is the forklift's power source? Some forklifts are electric-powered, while others use diesel. Electric-powered forklifts are environmentally friendly and quiet. However, they are not a feasible option if the site does not have an electric power connection. If you opt to use a diesel-powered forklift, inquire about its efficiency. The general rule is to consider highly efficient forklifts with low carbon emissions. 

Forklift Model 

What forklift model suits your operations? Check the equipment's load limits and boom length to determine if it suits your construction site or warehouse operations. Moreover, examine the forklift's dimensions. It is an essential consideration if the forklift will work in tight spaces. Conduct due diligence to determine the durability of the various models. Expert and user reviews on the internet can help you establish what issues the forklift could develop. Besides, they could help you assess the forklift's safety features and ease of use. Does the forklift have a manufacturer's warranty? It comes in handy when the equipment develops defects. You must also ensure the manufacturer offers support services such as provision of spare parts and servicing. 

Cost Of The Forklift  

Most manufacturers have a competitive price point. However, you could deploy several strategies to get the forklift at a discount. For example, you could buy your preferred model after the release of a newer model. Most dealers will sell the forklift at a discounted price to make room for the new model. You could also purchase the forklift during the low season when prices plummet. If you buy a used forklift, conduct thorough checks to ensure it is in excellent condition. 

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