How To Choose a Company To Transport Your Heavy Construction Equipment

As a contractor, you may need to transport heavy construction equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, backhoe loaders and telescopic handlers. The extract below discusses the various considerations you should make when choosing a company to transport heavy construction equipment. 


The transport company should have an excellent reputation. Seek referrals and testimonials from contractors that have used similar services in the past. Inquire about the following: 

  • Does the company have experienced staff and equipment to load and transport your equipment?
  • Does the company have a highly responsive customer care team that provides 24/7 services? 
  • What kind of trucks does the company have? 
  • How does the company handle customer complaints? 

Terms of Hire

The company should have reasonable terms of hire. Inquire about their deposit and cancellation process. For example, will you have to forfeit the deposit if you cancel or postpone the transportation? What kind of liabilities does the company accept? Reputable companies will guarantee 100% compensation in case of accidents during transport. Read the contract and examine the terms of conflict resolution. Arbitration and negotiation are effective ways to settle such commercial disputes. 


Examine the company's preparation measures. For example, they should have a preparation team to help plan the haulage. The team should do the following: 

  • Determine how to load, unload and secure the equipment you intend to transport and how to dismantle it if necessary. 
  • Conduct a road survey to identify hazards such as slippery and narrow roads.
  • Choose a suitable route — for instance, they could opt to avoid urban areas.
  • Apply for heavy haulage permits for activities such as crossing a railway line.
  • Organise a pilot and reconnaissance team to guide the truck driver.
  • Plan where the team should make refuelling or refreshment stops. 

The team must have an effective command structure. For instance, drivers must know whom to contact in case of accidents. 


You must understand the company's pricing mechanism. For example, some companies charge per kilometre, while other companies charge per day. Other than the fixed fee, inquire about extra charges you may incur. Some companies may ask you to pay for permits and driver's welfare. Compare quotes from a few companies and ask for a discount. 

Choosing a company to transport your heavy construction equipment should be easy with the above tips. Examine the company's reputation, terms of hire, professionalism and pricing strategy. Reach out to a transport company in your area for more information.