Things to Avoid When Operating the Tray Top Semi-Trailer

A tray top semi-trailer is a great addition to any construction firm. These trailers are ideal when moving equipment to different areas of the construction site. Today, construction sites are busy with construction motors coming in and out. The good thing with using tray tops is that they do not have restrictions for loading and offloading. Thus, they offer speed and efficiency during the process. But you need to take precautions when using the semi-trailers as they open from all sides. Below are some things to never do when working with a tray top semi-trailer.

Never Load a Tipping Trailer

The tray top semi-trailer is open on all sides. Thus, supplies loaded when the trailer is leaning will fall over. Always check that the tray top is not leaning on one side before you begin loading it. For instance, you should not load when one tire is on a pothole or when the ground is wet. Various factors could cause your semi-trailer to lean. So, you should always inspect the field first before loading the tray top. Your tray top should have maximum stability during the process of loading or offloading. 

Avoid Using Sticky Movement

Sometimes, the load can get stuck on the tray top, and operators use a jerky movement to remove it. The jerky movement might be efficient with the enclosed trailers, but it is risky for the tray top semi-trailers. With enclosed trailers, the vigorous action would cause the load to fall directly behind it. But that would not be the same situation with the tray top trailer. Since tray tops are open, the load would fall in any direction. Using smooth movements is the best way to handle a stuck load on the tray top.

Never Drive Near Excavations

It is not uncommon to find a lot of excavated areas in construction sites. These areas tend to have loose soil. Driving close to these excavated areas could cause the trailer to tip. That increases the chances of the load rolling over and taking the trailer down with it. Thus, you should keep away from any excavated sites when driving a loaded tray top. 

Never Stand Next to a Loading Trailer

Loads can easily swing or slip when loading the tray top semi-trailer. Thus, standing close to the trailer during the loading process increases the chances of facing injuries. Always maintain a safe distance between you and the tray top. 

In conclusion, safety is vital when operating the tray top semi-trailer. Therefore, you should know how to keep safe when using a tray top.