Top Tips to Follow When Selecting a Concrete Pump

Building technology keeps getting better by the day. Previously, when builders wanted to move liquid concrete from one part of the building to another, they had to carry it manually. This is a tedious process which takes time, and at times, it does not help achieve the ideal results of the pumping process. A concrete pump sucks the liquid concrete from the point where it is being mixed and conveys it to where the builders are doing the casting. The concrete pump designs have improved a lot over the years. The two most common types of pumps are boom concrete pumps and line pumps. Here are the considerations to have in mind when selecting a concrete pump to buy or rent.

The Concrete Pump Brand

A lot of manufacturers make concrete pumps. Many of them have durable and efficient pumps. However, a few still haven't improved the quality of their product to enhance effectiveness and durability. Before getting a pump from any manufacturer, list down the qualities you want on your machine. It is also a good idea to look for a trusted pump manufacturer close to your construction site. This will make the transport and installation of the pipe easy after you buy it. 

Consider the Purpose of the Pump

Generally, you want to move concrete from where it is being mixed to where the contractors are casting it. However, pumps have specifications on the parts of the construction project where they are useful. Check the pump specifications before making the purchase and ensure that it is versatile enough to use on all aspects of the construction process. 

The Cost of the Pump

Concrete pumps are not cheap. You need to weigh factors such as the volumetric output, durability and ability to give you returns on the investment. Here, it is advisable to study the performance of certain brands carefully before settling on them. There are also pumps whose effectiveness reduces when worked for long hours. Pick a pump that will retain the same efficiency it had at the beginning of the pumping session in the morning.

Buying a concrete pump is not a cheap affair. You need to do your due diligence before committing your money. Read online reviews and ask concrete contractors on the brands they would recommend close to you. Superior-quality pumps will simplify the concrete pouring process for you and ensure that you stop experiencing downtime during the building process.