Do you work safely at heights?

Not every job can be completed at ground level. Sometimes you must work at height to complete maintenance or building work. Working at heights always carries an element of risk and that is why a height safety equipment inspection must always take a high priority in your work routine. If you aren't checking your safety equipment regularly then you are putting lives at risk.

Taking care of the height safety equipment

While a height safety equipment inspection is vital, it is no substitute for regular everyday care and maintenance. You can't afford to simply peel off your safety gear and throw it in the corner of your work area until you need it. You have a responsibility to yourself and anyone else who may use the equipment to treat it with respect and make certain it is not placed in any situation where it could be damaged. When it is not in use, you must place your height safety equipment somewhere away from any potentially harmful sharp surfaces or rough edges that could cause them to start to fray. If the equipment needs cleaning, then you must check with the manufacturer to ensure that the cleaner you want to use will not cause the material to deteriorate. If you are in any doubt at all, it is best to restrict your cleaning materials to only soap and water. If you do get the gear wet, then it is important that you allow it to dry thoroughly and don't allow mildew to develop since this could seriously weaken the material.

Planning your height safety equipment inspection

As long as you are taking good care of your safety gear, then an inspection should not throw up any unexpected problems, but that is not an excuse for skipping the inspection. It is better to be too thorough rather than risking your life. As a part of your regular height safety equipment inspection, you should carefully check your equipment and look for any indications that it has become defective or started to deteriorate. If you do identify any potential signs of a problem, then get the equipment checked out by a qualified person who can replace anything that is damaged and make any repairs that are needed. Never be tempted to take any risks with your safety, and don't skip a height safety equipment inspection even if you are trying to keep to a tight schedule. Your personal safety always has to be of paramount importance.

For further information, reach out to a height safety equipment inspection service near you.