Reliable Safety Measures to Follow When Using Rigging Equipment

Rigging is an essential process in many industries and businesses today. It involves lifting of heavy weights. The heavy load that needs lifting is hooked on the lifting element by the use of very durable cords. Because of the massive weight involved, safety measures have to be in place. That will avoid risking the life of the workers. There are safety measures everyone should adhere to before the process. Here are vital rigging safety requirements to ensure safety during construction.

Ensure Only Qualified Personnel Handle the Procedure

All the crane riggers should know and follow the safety measures in place. That means no one should handle the lifting device without enough training. The professionals should identify possible hazards before they encounter them. They should also be able to stop using the equipment once they sense danger.

Ensure a Thorough Inspection Before the Work Begins

It is paramount to inspect the crane before lifting any heavy weight. That will ensure the equipment is secure before it is put to work. You should also ensure the machine is in perfect working condition to avoid risks. Also, check the weather conditions before you begin working. Windy and rainy conditions are unfavourable for rigging.

Ensure the Equipment Is Lifting Weight Within Its Capability

Not all cranes can lift the same amount of weight. It is paramount to know whether the equipment you are using is capable of lifting the load you want to elevate. You should also hire experts to examine the sling in use. The risk of using a wrong sling is so high that you cannot ignore it.

Ensure You Do a Complete Job

It is important to make sure that the process of lifting the load is complete. Confirm there are no obstructions to the load movement. Before starting the elevation process, it is essential to sound a warning to alert other construction contractors in the area. Lowering the load should be controlled and reversed in case of brake failure. Also, ensure the load is removed from the lift hooks before leaving it. At the same time, all controllers should be turned off, and the main switch should be closed. It is critical to ensure all the instructions by the crane service company are followed to the end.


No weight should be lifted when there are people in the area. That will ensure that even if there is a mishap in the process, no one is hurt. No defective device should be used. Also, avoid lifting a weight more than the ability of the crane. Ensure you follow the manufacturer's storage and maintenance instructions.