Looking Forward to Hiring a Bobcat? 3 Aspects to Consider Before You Do It

The amount of time you take to complete your construction project depends on the construction equipment you use. One of the heavy machines that facilitate faster operations at the construction site is a bobcat. A bobcat enables you to move construction materials from one location to another and also loads them on trucks or trailers for transportation. However, it can sometimes be tricky to go on with the construction process if you don't own a bobcat. And since you perhaps don't own one but you still want to construct a house or pool, bobcat hire could be a more flexible option for you. But before you hire one, bear the following aspects in mind.

Machine Size

Before hiring a bobcat, get some rough measurements of the construction site. This will help you hire a bobcat that's suitable for the construction work. If the bobcat you choose is too big, you might have difficulties navigating it around the construction site. As a result, it might damage other equipment or even the building. A small bobcat, on the other hand, might not meet all your construction requirements if it can't lift the heavy loads or reach higher heights.

Before hiring a bobcat, know the dimensions and turning radius of the machine and compare it with the space around your construction site. If the machine is wider than the site space, you have to settle for a smaller machine even if it has low power. However, if you have sufficient operation space, hiring a big bobcat won't be an issue.

Bobcat Type

When hiring a bobcat, find out whether you need a vertical or radial lift type. You can use a vertical lift machine that has more power even though this may mainly depend on the height of the structure you intend to construct. However, if you are digging deep into the ground, a radical lift will be better because it is more powerful. It can effectively dig hard ground that other machines may not be able to dig. Besides, the radial lifts are more efficient because they offer you better visibility when controlling the machine.


In the past, a small bobcat used to have less operating power than a larger one. However, you can today get a machine that is small in size but with the power capacity of a larger bobcat. This means you can still hire a small bobcat that can efficiently navigate around the construction because it has power capacity that meets your construction requirements. 

So, before you hire a bobcat, think about each of the above factors so you can make the right decision. They will act as your guide so that you can choose a machine that has the right size and power that will meet all your construction requirements.