Top Tips When Buying Trailer Parts

Your used trailer will need parts such as brakes, couplers, hubs, tow balls, and couplers. Buying trailer parts can be quite challenging for first-time trailer owners. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to purchase trailer parts

Insist On Quality

Ideally, you should ascertain the quality of parts before purchase. Conduct internet research or consult your mechanic to identify manufacturers that make quality parts. If possible, you should purchase OEM parts. The primary benefit of these parts is that they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they last for long. Besides, they are compatible with other trailer parts. As such, you do not have to make modifications as you fit the part. 

Work With Trusted Suppliers

Below are some benefits of dealing with trusted trailer parts suppliers: 

  • They have long term relationships with trailer manufacturers. As such, they can help you source all kinds of trailer parts.
  • Most trusted suppliers will give guarantees. Simply put, you will get a replacement part if the supplier sells a defective component. New parts from trusted suppliers will come with a warranty. 
  • Some sellers will offer after-sales services such as free shipping and installation.
  • Reputable suppliers will have a reasonable pricing strategy. It is a sure way to encourage customer loyalty.
  • Some suppliers will refurbish used parts to a near-new condition. These parts are durable and cheaper than new parts.
  • Consider wholesale purchases as you buy used parts. It is a sure way to take advantage of discounts. 

Buying Used Parts

Used parts are ideal when working on a budget or when you cannot find OEM parts for your trailer. They can be sourced from your local supplier, on E-commerce websites, or from car removalists. One of your primary concerns when buying used parts is their compatibility. As such, you could use the OEM number on your defective part to identify compatible parts. Assess the condition of the part. For example, rust and cracks could make the part weak. Therefore, it could develop problems after purchase. Ask the seller how long the part was in use. Parts used for a few weeks or months will last longer. If possible, the seller should give guarantees. 

Proper maintenance will extend the longevity of your trailer parts. For example, you should lubricate the moving parts. On the other hand, overloading the trailer could damage the couplers and suspension components. 

When buying trailer parts, insist on quality, work with trusted suppliers and observe the recommended tips when buying used trailer parts. As a rule, the parts should be installed by experienced and qualified mechanics.