What Are Some of the Different Ways That Crushed Rock is Used?

You can purchase crushed rock by the bag or by the dump truck load, and you should know that companies that sell crushed rock often stay very busy selling it to their customers. After all, crushed rock is typically affordable and can be used in many different ways, so it's popular with homeowners, commercial property owners, construction professionals and much more. These are just some of the different ways that crushed rock is commonly used.

Preparing Building Foundations

When homes or other structures are being built, it's essential to make sure there is a proper foundation. In some cases, the ground is unlevel, and there are drainage concerns. Crushed rock can be used as one layer in the foundation preparation process since it can help with filling in holes and making the ground more level. Additionally, crushed rock is great for drainage, making it a good choice in many cases when foundations are being prepared.

Creating Driveways

One of the most common things that crushed rock is used for is creating driveways. Many people like the idea of having a neat and tidy driveway to walk on, and they worry about having a dirt driveway that might easily become muddy. An affordable option that many people use when creating a driveway is to purchase crushed rock. Then, the crushed rock can be spread out with earthmoving equipment or a tractor to create a nice, even surface. Of course, more crushed rock might have to be brought out and spread out over time, but for many people, this is a very effective way of creating a driveway.

Creating Driving Paths, Roads, and Walkways

Although you might typically think of asphalt when you think about roads being created, there are times when crushed rock is used to create paths or roads. It might be used to create a temporary driving path for accessing a construction site, for example, or it might be used as an affordable alternative to asphalt when a path needs to be made in a rural, residential area where there are a few houses.

Creating Footpaths

Lastly, crushed rock is very commonly used for creating footpaths on both residential and commercial properties. Some people like the idea of creating a footpath out of crushed rock since it's an affordable way to create nice paths that can be used for walking up to your home or walking through your garden.