If You’re Getting Trailer Supplies, Stock up on Safety Gear, Too

When you do your own maintenance and repairs on trailers, you want to have a supply of spare parts that allow you to get simple jobs done quickly. You don't want to have to make repeated trips to a store or wait for packages in order to keep a trailer functioning and road-worthy. But it's not just mechanical parts that you should have on hand. Items used for your trailer's safety and the safety of people on the road around your trailer are worth having spares for, too. These parts can break or be damaged just like other parts on the trailer, and some can even be lost. With a supply of spare parts, those losses aren't so annoying.

Mudflaps and Mudguards

The mudguards that sit over tyres and the mudflaps that are positioned behind them are vital to keeping the trailer clean and drivers safe behind you. These control the spray of mud, water, and small rocks that can be kicked up by your trailer's tyres. Mudflaps can fall off, and mudguards can be dented and broken. They're not features you want to drive without, so having a few spares in your garage lets you keep that trailer on the road without delay.

Wheel Chocks and Holders

Like any loose accessory or part, wheel chocks can be misplaced easily. They're fairly big, especially those used with trailers, but they can go missing or be stolen out of a trailer if they aren't secured. You don't need many extra wheel chocks, of course, but having a few extra ones is best. And, don't forget to get a holder to keep them organized and hopefully less likely to disappear into a forgotten corner of the garage or warehouse.

Road Safety Accessories

Items like safety triangles and flares are easily lost and used up. These may seem like small items that you don't have to have a lot of; as long as you have enough to protect your trailer and guide drivers around you in an emergency, that should be good enough, right? Well, that's the minimum that you want to have. It does help to have a supply of spare emergency road accessories so that you don't have to rush to buy new ones after you've used what you had with you in the trailer. You don't have to have an entire cabinet full of road flares or emergency triangles, of course. But a few extra triangles to replace those lost on the road and a couple of packages of flares, along with first aid supplies and similar items, is worth keeping around.

To buy spare trailer parts, call a supplier in your area.