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Factors That Affect Crane Rental Costs and How to Minimise the Costs Involved

Cranes are essential machines for lifting and lowering heavy materials and objects, and their use in the construction industry is widespread. If you are looking to hire a crane for a construction project, you should know the factors that will affect the cost of your equipment rental. That way, you can strategise how to save money on your crane rental. Take a look at the main factors that influence the cost of crane hire and ways to reduce these costs involved. Read More 

Two Tips for Earthmoving Contractors Who Have to Work in or Near Cemeteries

Earthmoving contractors will sometimes be hired to do work in or near cemeteries (they may, for example, be asked to dig up the soil around a church, in preparation for the repair of its foundation, or they might be tasked with excavating an unused area of a cemetery so that a mausoleum can be built on top of it). Here is some advice for contractors who have never worked in this setting before. Read More 

Benefits of Using a Scaffold

Scaffolding is an essential structure during construction as it provides support and access to the building. It offers many benefits to the construction industry, including the following. Easy access Scaffolds provide workers with access to a building during construction. This is especially true for tall buildings. It also creates a safe working structure despite the height of the building. Scaffolds are an interconnected structure that ensures every part of a building can be accessed primarily for finishing work like painting and plastering. Read More 

Choosing The Right Dewatering Pump

Simply put, dewatering pumps are devices that help you drain water that has flooded or pooled in a work area (a construction, industrial or mining site). You may come across an air, electric, gasoline, diesel or hydraulic-powered dewatering pump. Additionally, the dewatering pump can either be submersible in water or not. The pumps that are not submersible are referred to as surface dewatering pumps. Here's what you need to know to help you choose the right pump: Read More 

What Should You Consider When Hiring a Crane?

If your work entails working at heights, especially construction work, you might need the services of a crane to help you lift heavy materials. Buying a crane is not economically efficient, and that is why most companies hire them. Here's what you need to know about crane hire: Identify Your Crane Needs What exactly do you need the crane for? You need to review your construction project and see where the crane will be used and how. Read More